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I am more than happy to announce that Branded Licensing is now representing my artwork and brand! Founded by Melissa Schulz, Branded is an agency that fosters the development of a strong stratgeic plan in growing and marketing licensed artists. That is basically a fancy way of saying that they help artists get organized and focused as we make artwork (and, oh, some of us really need it!). :) I began working with Melissa in 2016. We've talked and planned, and I've studied and focused, and we have had a really nice time working together.

I thought about trying to find an agent or agency when I began developing my portfolio in earnest in 2012. It wasn't until I met Melissa that I found a person who offers the kind of collaboration and breadth of experience that made me feel both at home with my natural artistic expression and encouraged about my vision for the artwork.

I am thrilled to be working Melissa! If you are unfamiliar with her, check her out on Facebook, at her website, or at Art Licensing Below you can read a bit about Melissa and her varied and interesting career.


With 20 years of experience in the art licensing and product development fields, Melissa Schulz has strategically led creative teams through transitional, successful and growth periods.  Associations with key brands such as Hallmark, Hard Rock Café, American Greetings, and Kathy Davis Studios have given her the expertise and insight into the world of licensing.  Melissa brings a vast level of expertise in the areas of brand strategy and execution, marketing, creative direction and product development, retail and licensing.  She is currently the Founder of Branded Licensing, an art licensing agency specializing in brand development, business strategy and licensing execution.  Learn more about Melissa at

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