Pi Day & Giveaway


Happy Pi day! 3.14 is my favorite date, along with May 4th. Both are puns–3.14 for the Pythagorean theorem and May fourth, as in "May the Fourth be with you." I'm sure that my amusement with the dates reveals my inner nerd. But there is no shame in celebrating Pi Day. Head out and buy a pie! We will hit up a local favorite, Hoosier Mama's. I blame Hoosier Mama for the fact that my jeans are too tight. Honestly. I moved to the neighborhood before Hoosier Mama opened, and I was thin then. Coincidence? I think not. (I am going to conveniently ignore the fact that I am now 12 years older, have had two children, and no longer play tennis 4 hours a week. It is definitely the pie lady's fault.) Now, down to business. Did you know that there are TWO giveaways of my products happening right now? It is true.









Firstly, Roommates and Cottage Door Press have partnered up this month to celebrate National Reading Month. They are giving away a combination of my children's books and wall decals each Monday this month to celebrate reading. You can enter to win on Roommates Facebook page. I just love this giveaway, and I hope you help spread the word. Today they are giving away the ABC Animals set.

The other giveaway that is happening this week is through Baby Hobbes Design. There is a Blog tour featuring my most recently released fabric collection, Born Wild. Today, Marieanne, from The Naptime Project, has made the ridiculously cute reversible vest and banners below. I mean, seriously. She used Create Kids Couture's William Formal Accessory pack. There's a tie too! Go to Baby Hobbes Design to enter to win a 1/2 yard of Born Wild in blue hues and create your own Create Kids Couture Accessories for either a child or teen.PLUS, Stitched by Crystal has made these charming soft block using Born Wild. She has posted a free tutorial on how to sew them on her blog!  Be sure to come back again this week to Baby Hobbes Design Blog to see more Born Wild cuteness. Visit the Roommates Facebook page throughout the month to get in on the Cottage Door Press book and decal giveaway action, too.

And don't forget to eat some pie!