Fat Quarter Shop

Oh. My. Gosh*. From time to time I search to see if any of my artwork has made it onto some of my favorite websites, Blogs, and online stores. I never find anything. UNTIL TODAY.

This morning I went onto the Fat Quarter Shop and entered my name in the search field. Guess what came up??????


If you are a designer or a crafter or a quilter, you are familiar with this square and the charming Fat Quarter Shop logo. It's like a badge of honor for me to have my artwork on this website. And the collection isn't even set to ship until August!!! I. am. so. excited.

* I have a two and a half year old, so even when I write I am trying to keep my mouth from spewing out profanity. This not swearing thing is going fairly well though, considering I really worked hard at swearing a lot as a teenager. I remember practicing swearing because I thought it made me seem tough and cool. Now I do everything in my power to NOT swear. Oh, how things change... :)