Pink & Blue

Pink & Blue
Pink & Blue

I first came across the photography of JeongMee Yoon many years ago.

Several of her images from 

The Pink and Blue Project

 accompanied a short article about the origins of pink for girls and blue for boys. I began to search for that article (was it in Wired? The NYT magazine? Esquire? I'll never remember!), to no avail. I did find a lot of interesting bits about 

Pink and Blue

, but so much that I realized my contribution on this front would not be very exciting. However, on page 5 of the 9,060 resulting Google hits, I found this intriguing project, called 

Cornucopia, Documenting the Land of Plenty


Anyone who has ever stared with dread into the wall of toothpaste at Target understands consumer fatigue. The 


 essay and exhibit, curated by

Leonie Bradbury

, includes the work of 

Chris Jordan


Portia Munson


Brian Ulrich


Danwen Xing

, and

JeongMee Yoon

, and speaks to issues of consumerism with haunting but beautiful images of stuff. 


I began this post with the idea that I would make a lighthearted but informational stab at presenting "baby" colors. Instead, I unearthed a more profound project. It is not what I set out to do, but I am satisfied that along with all the other "stuff", I found some impressive photographers doing meaningful work.